Arcadia Cerri is a London based art dealer specializing in early European art with a primary focus on sculpture.  The director of the company, Arcadia Cerri, had over ten years experience in the field, working as the western art specialist for Sam Fogg, one of the foremost dealers in medieval art, before launching her own company in September 2013.

The company has a personal, customer-based focus.  It is fast establishing a reputation for buying and selling works of the highest quality, which are carefully researched and presented. Clients are also offered additional art advisory, collection's management and installation services. 

The early European art field, also known as ‘medieval’, is relatively small and highly specialised.  It covers the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance style periods. It is a rich and exciting field full of potential.  The value of medieval art relative to other sectors is quite low and it is still possible to find and acquire great masterpieces.  All medieval art has inherent cultural and historical value underlying the artistic value.